Friday, January 27, 2012

1 year later

It's been one year since I started my blog and I can't believe it! I look back at some of my first posts and it's a nice reminder of what was happening in my life a year ago. Here's a recap of the past year ...
  • My first blog post was about my DH wanting to buy a dirt bike. I don't think I ever updated this story. He bought the dirt bike and sold it a couple of months later without really riding it. 
  • I finally got my act together and did some crafting. It's something I've been neglecting and I'm so glad I got back into it.
  • I talked about wanting to get back in shape (funny that this is still a goal)
  • I continued my craftiness by working on my first quilt
  • I made a few posts about my cooking adventures
  • I celebrated some success with my goal to get back in shape
  • I made some goals for the end of the year (I think some are still hanging out there! uh-oh)
Overall, it's been a great first year of blogging. I don't really care if anyone reads what I write or comments on any of my posts. I'm just happy to have a creative outlet that is all my own -- where nobody can tell me what to do differently or what I should talk about. Here's to another year of blogging success, in my mind.

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