Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Someday it will sell ...

We've been trying to sell our house since March. We've only had a handful of showings and one failed open house. We updated the landscaping in the front to make it more inviting, but I feel like we might be stuck with this house forever!
Front of house before

Front of the house after
Of course it helps that the grass is green now and the sun is shining. Maybe someday it will sell. We can only hope!

Taking up Roots

I did manage to get my garden planted last weekend with a little help from A. She wanted to help "dump the plants out" in the garden. I had to explain that we were planting them not just dumping them out. Hopefully my green peppers will do better this year than last (we didn't even get one last year!). We are attempting blueberries for the first time -- let's hope something grows! I hope to pick up one or two more plants to really get this garden going.

Two tomato plants, basil, cilantro and onions
Blueberry bush, cucumbers, 2 green pepper plants and jalapeno

Friday, May 27, 2011

It's raining cats & dogs ...

It's been raining for months. Just as soon as we see the sun it turns to rain. At least there are some cute rain boots out there to keep me dry!
Paisley print rain boots via Target

Monday, May 23, 2011

Friday, May 20, 2011

A camping we will go ...

On Wednesday we bought a camper. Yep, a camper. A big, huge, pull behind the truck camper. This family is going to be a camping family. Of course my DH is SUPER excited and A is excited as well. I haven't quite figured out how well this is going to work with J toddling around, but it will be an adventure that's for sure!
Here's the photo of our home away from home. It needs a good cleaning on the outside, but inside is almost brand new. I'm excited about the new purchase and hope that my girls will grow up with fond memories of camping with the family. I don't really remember anything that my family use to do together, so I hope this will make a lasting impression on them. My goal for this weekend is to start stocking up the inside with garage sale finds so we will be ready to go next weekend. Let the adventures begin!

DIY I want to try

LOVE this idea via Ready Made

Monday, May 16, 2011

And so it has begun ...

I managed to get my garden prepped this weekend before the rain hit on Sunday. I got some new organic soil down and expanded it to about twice the original size it was last year. Now I just need the plants and I'll be set to go!
Here is the extend portion of the garden
The previous section of garden with some onions from last year already taking root

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm going to do it!

My company holds a health fair at least once a year with nutritionists, dietitians and other healthy living professionals that hand out information, take your blood pressure, let you know your BMI, etc. Well today was our spring health fair and there was a table of information about upcoming races in the area. I decided to take a peek (remember, I've been wanting to start running) and there was packet of information about the 4 mile run that will be happening in September. So after reading through everything I text my best friend to see if she would run with me (unlike me, she has actually run a race before) and she agreed to run with me. So it looks like come September I'll be running my first race. Now I just have to get in shape! Wish me luck!

This will be me - minus the blonde hair

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Oh the fashions!

The Met Ball was held last night in New York City so I've been checking out the fabulous fashions today. There were some AMAZING dresses. Oh to be fly on the wall and see it all in person.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!

This weekend was a big success! I got rid of a bunch of baby stuff (still have TONS of baby clothes) and made some extra cash for our home decorating cause. I am happy that I didn't have to haul all the larger items back into the house (set of chairs with ottomans, full-size high chair and a toddler bed). It was funny to see the things that people were looking for in the sale. Lots of old men on Friday morning who wanted old watches, computer parts and man things. The only man things I could offer up was a tool belt and some ankle weights. Unfortunately, I had no takers. I ended up selling a few things that I didn't intend to sell including a shelf from my garage and a lamp from upstairs that had kind of slipped my mind. In total we made just over $300 which will be a nice starter fund for the home decorating I want to do.
This week will continue to be busy. I have lots going on at work (yeah meetings! *sarcasm intended*) and then we will be moving my mom into our rental house this weekend. Maybe tonight's showing will go really well with the house being empty and we will get an offer. I've always got my fingers crossed!