Thursday, August 28, 2014

Birthday time

My birthday is on Saturday. Normally I don't make a fuss or even admit it's my birthday. Most of the time I forget how old I actually am. Am I the only one who does this?
For some reason this year I'm sort of excited it's my birthday. I always make a big deal out of my kids' birthdays but never my own.

So for anyone who wants to buy me a birthday present here are 10 things I wouldn't mind receiving (I won't actually receive any of these but it's nice to dream)

1. A day away at the spa - complete with any spa treatments I'd like and a continuous flow of wine slushies
2. Some cute graphic tees - like this one from Old Navy
3. Monthly mani-pedis on the schedule for the next year and someone who will push me out of the house to go without feeling guilty
4.  A new phone - too bad the release of the Samsung Galaxy S6 won't happen until 2015 now. It looks so awesome
Samsung Galaxy Concept 
5.  A super cute daily planner to keep me organized at work. I love this one from Heart & Arrow - Whitney is a creative genius!
Seafoam Hourly Notepad Day Planner, Deskpad, Custom Notepad, 8.5x11in 
6.  Send me on a fun family vacation - at no expense to us, of course. I'm thinking a Europe tour - oh can someone buy my whole family passports too?
7. A housekeeper - I need someone to clean my house. I hate cleaning. It's a never-ending battle. If this housekeeper did laundry too, well that would just be icing on the cake!
8.  Astrology reading from Desiree at Simply Sun Signs - I may or may not stalk her blog on the regular
9. A body that will allow me to eat as much dark chocolate and fountain Diet Coke that I want without any health ramifications for eating like a teenager.
10. A new pair of running shoes, because let's be honest -- #9 isn't happening so I'm going to need some cute shoes to get me motivated to workout more often.
A bonus, why not it's my birthday. World peace. I mean everyone wants that for their birthday right?

So are you big into birthdays? Or is it just another day?