Monday, August 8, 2011

Baking with fireworks

After a busy morning at the bike show, A and I decided to make zucchini muffins and bread while J was sleeping. Everything was mixed up and I was just finishing up pouring the rest of the batter into the loaf pan when I heard a strange sound. I turned around to see my oven shooting flames and sparks inside. It looked like someone put a firecracker in my oven and lit it off. Then the smoke started. I got A into the other room and shut off the stove and made sure the breaker was off. The flames and sparks stopped, but needless to say my oven is a goner. When my DH got home he surveyed the damage and figured out that we had an electrical short which caused the coil to burn right through (thus shooting flames and sparks). 

We did manage to get everything baked (with trip to my mom's house!) and A was happy to finally get a taste of her muffins.

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