Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hello Spring

Hello, Spring ... are you coming? I'm getting really tired of winter and all the cold weather and snow and ice - yuck! Bring on spring, bring on warm weather ... here's what I'm looking forward to saying hello to this spring.
Hello tank tops and flip flops {Pin}
Hello food cooked on the grill - like this balsamic grilled flank steak {Pin}
Hello outdoor fun with the kids {Pin}
Hello garden, I've missed your yummy food {Pin}
Hello camping and yummy camping recipes {Pin}
Hello fruit adult beverages {Pin}
Hello running outside again {Pin}
What are you looking forward to this spring?

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Life as of lately

So many things happening it's hard to keep track. My goal for the year was to try and take more pictures with our digital camera to share with everyone instead of just on my phone. I guess that means less IG from me. Here's a few snapshots from this past week ...

We went ice skating, the girls loved it. I didn't get any good photos of them with our phones but the digital camera is full :)
After ice skating we went to Mad Anthony's for lunch. DH and I got Raspberry Blonde beers. They are the best!
I actually got some time to scrapbook. Check me out - I'm now caught up to Summer 2011 - ha!

J's 3rd birthday party is next week, we will be having a tea party so I'm making felt tea bags for the kids. They are really easy, I got the idea here
And this is happening today. Wallpaper, paint and new fixtures in our main bathroom. It's LONG overdue. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

NYC New York Color Liquid Lipshine

I'm no beauty blogger but I do know a great beauty buy when I see one. Enter the NYC New York Color Liquid Lipshine -- yeah it has a long name but it's worth remembering. 
Here are the facts:

  • Only $2.49 at most stores
  • Super glossy
  • Wide range of colors - I love the nude!
  • Did I mention it's only $2.49?!
Do you see those colors? Love!
I use this basically every day. It has long lasting, staying power and it's not sticky like most other glosses. For a busy mama this is a perfect way for me to look put together without really trying. And I don't have to worry about A or J getting ahold of it and running my super expensive makeup because it's only $2.49!
So why are you still reading my blog? Go get some new shiny lips!

*I received the NYC New York Color Liquid Lipshine as part of my VoxBox from Influenster. All opinions are my own and I was not paid for them. If you are interested in joining Influenster and reviewing some awesome products shoot me an email.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Things I Love

In honor of Valentine's Day here's my list of things I love

  • Quiet weekends spent at home with family
  • Chai lattes from Starbucks
  • Winning blog giveaways

Headband from Jolie from an Olive & Ivy giveaway
  • Surprising the kids with a fun weekend in our city (we are ice skating and trying a new place to eat this weekend)
  • Having someone in the office notice how much work I do and tellling me thanks
  • Getting cute new shoes -- what I don't love is how much they hurt my feet
Shoes from Sole Society
  • Planning J's 3rd birthday party -- it's a tea party. See my pin board of ideas
  • Getting to spend time crafting, I wish I had more time to do this
  • Camping -- I can't wait for the warmer weather
  • A nice glass of wine
My current fave is Apothic White
Share the love today and Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Pinterest Inspired Outfit #4

I made it! Outfit number 4 which I wore on Saturday. On the left you have the inspiration outfit and on the right is my version. 
{See the pin}
I went with long sleeves because let's face it it's still winter here in Indiana. I was really pushing it with my flats -- it was about 35* when I wore this. I threw on a chunky necklace for a pop of color (ok so it was white but it was bright). My flats are actually purple even though it's hard to tell. I was happy with this look. I might have worn this before but would've done a much simpler necklace so I did step out of my comfort zone a little bit. 

I'm happy I pushed myself to do this challenge. It made me put together things I wouldn't have normally thought of and I didn't have to spend any money doing it!

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Pinterest Inspired Outfit #3

I've made it to outfit #3 of my challenge! This one was pretty easy to recreate since it is so simple. Stripes, floral, jeans and boots. I've got all that! Here's the inspiration image: 
{See the pin}
I like the mixing of the stripes and floral. It helps keep it interesting. Here's my look:
You even get to see my face today :)
You'll have to excuse the terrible picture quality on this one. Here's my excuse ... hallway with dim lights, taken by a 5 year old, on my cell phone.

Are you staying inspired by Pinterest or just letting your pins sit there with no attention?

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pinterest Inspired Outfit #2

Wahoo! I made it to the second day of my challenge. I successfully completed day 1's look and was happy with my results now let's see how today turns out. Here's my inspiration outfit ...
{See the pin}
I took the color ideas and did my own interpretation of this outfit. I never would've thought about putting pink and mustard together. I love my mustard skinnies but have had a tough time trying to find new ways of styling them. Without further ado ... here's my outfit!
Ta-da! Mustard skinnies from Old Navy, brown Steve Madden boots from DSW and a grey and pink striped shirt from Meijer (yep I'm classy like that). I would call today's outfit another success. Bring on #3!

Are you trying to step out of a style rut like me?

Monday, February 4, 2013

Pinterest Inspired Outfit #1

Here we are with Day 1 of my personal Pinterest challenge. Here's the first outfit I chose to recreate.
{See the pin}
Now I can't wear jeans to work M-Th so instead I switched those out for some dark grey pants. And I decided to leave off the necklace. My scarf hung down too far so you couldn't see my long necklaces anyways plus they were killing my neck with all the rubbing underneath my scarf. Oh and I don't have a black blazer so I switched that for an open black cardi instead. Ok enough complaining, here's my outfit.
Ta-da! Ok so I made a lot of changes but the idea wasn't to copy something directly it was to be inspired by something I pinned. These are all pieces I would typically wear but I wouldn't have put them all together like this before. I call day 1 successful.