Saturday, March 29, 2014

Shoppin' & Savin'

I love shopping but I love saving even more! See how my recent trip to Kroger saved me on things I needed to restock like toilet bowl cleaner, laundry soap and toilet paper.

I'll be cleaning my toilets for just $0.29 thanks to this awesome deal!

Doing laundry (up to 50 loads) for $0.99?! Sign me up!

Stack up the savings! I combined a store coupon, manufacturer coupon and a sale! $1.69 for 6 rolls of toilet paper!
What awesome deals have you scored lately?
Do you buy all your cleaning and paper products at the same place you buy your food?

*I received all the $2.00 coupons for being a BzzAgent. All good deal findings are my own. If you are interested in becoming a BzzAgent member visit their site!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

On my mind

I feel so overwhelmed right now. Here's my brain dump ...

  • Started the new job on Monday, it rocks. I love it, I love the people. I'm so much happier. But a new job means starting from square one all over again. There's so much to learn!
  • We are headed to Disney World in 15 days. What?! I seriously don't have this planned well enough. I think I've delayed planning simply because the girls still don't know we are going. I mean really, 2 weeks and we are on a plane. I need to get my shit together. I can't go into this unprepared.
  • With all the school cancellations from our terrible winter, the school district has implemented e-learning. The elementary kids have to spend 5 hours a week at home to make up for 1 missed day. We have 5 days to make up :( I'm not prepared to be a teacher, this is hard. I'm glad I only have to worry about first grade assignments and that I don't have a senior and no clue what is going on!
  • Since I have more time at home now, I feel like I need to be doing more with my house. Normally laundry and cleaning get pushed to the weekends. And usually the dishes pile up. I'm trying to work out a nice routine so that my weekends are no longer eaten up by laundry and cleaning. Maybe it's just too early to work something out. Give me another couple weeks of working so much closer to home and maybe I can figure this out. Or maybe helping A with e-learning will just suck up all my extra time!
  • We had J's 4th birthday on Saturday. I need to upload images for everyone to see who couldn't come to the party. I did pretty good for about 8 months last year of sharing photos on Shutterfly but the last part of the year and into this year, I've done a terrible job. I don't even want to know when my last upload was. It's a good thing I talk to my dad regularly or he'd be begging for photos.
  • I'm excited to be participating in my first blog swap! It's for nail polish. I got paired up with another blogger to swap nail polish. I'm excited to get shopping and to see what I get in the mail as well. Yay for little surprises!
  • A result from training at the new job means less time at the computer. I'm so far behind on blog reading. I miss the distraction. This is the first chance I've had to sit down and even think about writing my own blog post. I only did it to hopefully clear my head a little bit, thus the jumbled mess you are painfully reading through #sorry
  • My new female co-workers invited me to a wine tasting party Friday night. I couldn't tell you the last time I went out. Now to pick and bottle and find a dish to share with everyone. Oh the pressure!
  • If you made it this far, congratulations. I feel I owe you something for that. My brain and my to-do list are completely overloaded right now. I promise the next post won't be so rambley (I'm sure that's a word) and might even include a picture or two.
So tell me, what's on your mind?