Monday, October 3, 2016

Meal Plan #40

Meal planning is hard when all you want to do is decorate your house for Halloween. I'm excited to pick up some new pieces for our new house. I have so much more to decorate now - sorry bank account. But the good news about the cooler weather is that all the stews, soups and chili's are calling my name! Me and the crock pot are about to make some quality meals. :)

MONDAY: Salad & Potato Bar
Our favorite meat free meal

TUESDAY: Crock Pot Enchilada Tacos
It's National Taco Day! Let's celebrate crock pot style

WEDNESDAY: One Pot Chicken Apple Sausage Pasta
This recipe just screams fall! And the fact it's a one pot recipe makes it already a winner with me.

Breakfast for dinner, you can't go wrong!

FRIDAY: Daddy's Choice
I have a party with some friends after work, so dinner is all up to Daddy tonight!