Friday, May 27, 2016

5 on Friday

I usually post 5 random things, but today is 5 things I'll be doing over the long weekend!

1. Take the kids to the zoo! There are some newly renovated sections and we are exciting to check them out.

2. Hang out outside with a cold beverage (beer or wine, I'm not picky).

3. Not checking my work email all weekend long. Sorry people, you can wait until Tuesday at 8am.

4. Taking the girls to the Shopkins Swap at Toys R Us. It's a free event and should be lots of fun. Check out your local Toys R Us store to see if they are participating.

5. Sleeping in! All the stress of moving, selling/buying a house and extra duties at work mean I need to catch up on some zzz's.

Have a great long weekend doing whatever you will be doing. Next week's meal plan will probably be posted on Tuesday :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

7 Things to Pack for An Island Vacation

In less than 6 weeks I will be hanging out on the beaches of St. Lucia. I am beyond excited! Aside from being worried about how I will look in a bikini, I have to figure out what I'll be packing. I want pieces that are easy to pack, but versatile to wear for hanging out or going to dinner. Here's 7 things I'm loving right now. Best of all ... everything is from Target or Old Navy so it's all completely affordable!

1. Lace-Yoke Swing Top - this would be perfect for a dinner out
2. Relaxed Suspended-Neck Tank - I could throw this on over my bikini top for a walk on the beach
3. Metallic Gold Heart Tote Bag - you always need a bag and this one is super cute for carrying a few things around
4. Empire-Waist Maxi Dress - dresses are perfect for packing and can be thrown on for a complete look without any effort
5. Ghillie-Tie Gladiator Sandals - might as well be stylish while out and about, these sandals with the super cute tassel detail are perfect
6. Twill Shorts - I have been putting off getting white shorts but these are certainly being added to my closet for this trip!
7. Wide-Strap Espadrilles - I love a good wedge and these are perfect to go with the maxi dress or with shorts for a night out

What am I missing? What else should I get to add before I leave? And of course, if you've been to St. Lucia send me your favorite things to do/see/eat/visit. Yah vacation!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Meal Plan #21

This weekend we let A celebrate her birthday. It's really not until next month, but with it being after school is out she never has many people who can attend. Plus this would be the last chance for her to celebrate with her current group of friends since she will have to switch schools next year with the move. So it was a combination early birthday & goodbye party. We had 11 girls (including our 2) at our house for 3 hours. The husband pulled out his ear plugs at one point and I was happy to only have the girls for a 3 hour window of time. :) We did a Shopkins themed party (because every birthday needs a theme!) and the girls had a blast. I'll have to post the details later. 

On to what we are planning to eat this week! Wednesday is the last day of school so I wanted a fairly easy week and be able to take advantage of some outdoor time after work each day.

MONDAY: Salad & Baked Potato Bar
This is the fastest and easiest way for us to do a meat free meal during the week. 

TUESDAY: Burritos
We have some leftovers from A's party this weekend so everything we need is already in the fridge!

WEDNESDAY: Kids Choice!
We'll let the girls decide since it is the last day of school.

THURSDAY: Chicken Salad Wraps
I've been craving a good chicken salad - we'll serve ours in wraps with fruit and raw veggies with dip.

FRIDAY: Grill Out!
I may turn every Friday this summer into grill night. I love my giant grill so much. Yes you read that right, my grill. My husband's grilling skills are severely lacking but I love grilling more than cooking in the kitchen. We'll probably do burgers since I got some frozen patties on sale a couple weeks ago.