Monday, July 27, 2015

Meal Plan Week #30

First off, I'm shocked that I have stuck with meal planning as long as I have. This is week 30 of 2015 and we're still going strong! Meal planning has made my life so much easier and has made dinner time less of a struggle at our house. This week I really tried to tailor my meal plan to what we already have in the kitchen and what is on sale at the store.

MONDAY: Grilled Cheese Pizza Sandwiches
We have leftover pizza sauce and pepperoni from last week's homemade pizza so this meal is a perfect way to use those items up! I think I'll even throw some veggies on mine this time.


WEDNESDAY: Spaghetti with Green Beans and Garlic Bread
Green beans are on sale this week at the store and what goes better with them than spaghetti?

THURSDAY: Kebabs on the Grill with Peach Salsa
I was inspired by this recipe but it sounds way too complex for me. I always have chicken or pork on hand for making kebabs and peaches are on sale this week too. 

FRIDAY: Turkey Burgers on the Grill with grilled potato slices
I like to take red potatoes and slice them thin with some onions and olive oil, salt and pepper and put them in a foil packet on the grill. They can cook up right alongside our burgers. 

What's for dinner tonight at your house?

Monday, July 20, 2015

Meal Plan Week #29

I need to get back on a healthier eating track. I did really well before our cruise and lost 10 lbs but since then I've let my eating get a bit out of control. And as much as I hate to admit it, I gained about 5 of those lbs back. My plan is to sneakily (that's a word right?) bring my family along on my healthy eating journey. I'm also going to get back on my smoothie kick each morning. I've grown quite fond of the iced coffee in the morning but I know the smoothies are a much better choice for me!

MONDAY: Salad Bar
Everyone creates their own so there is no complaints! I've been loving strawberries on my salad lately.

TUESDAY: Chicken Fajitas
I can make mine heavy on the veggies and even leave out the tortilla if I want. I even make some homemade fat-free refried beans over the weekend to go alongside our fajitas. And of course I'll use some of my homemade taco seasoning.

You're On Your Own - I saw this on another meal planning blog and loved the idea. Fend for yourself, mama is not cookin'

THURSDAY: Chicken Parm Sloppy Joes
I'm going to make this recipe in the crockpot, I hope it turns out well!

FRIDAY: Homemade Pizza
We love making pizza at home, it's cheaper, tastier and way better for you since you can control what goes on top :)

Monday, July 13, 2015

Meal Plan Week #28

Happy Monday! Hello to this new week, let's see what's for dinner!

MONDAY: Chicken a la King
I enjoy a good crock pot recipe so that dinner is practically ready when I walk in the door. 

TUESDAY: Dinner out at our favorite Mexican restaurant
I asked what everyone wanted for Taco Tuesday and was told "let's go out!"


THURSDAY: Crispy Breakfast Quesadillas
The kids can have a breakfast item of their choosing but the husband and I will try out these yummy looking quesadillas.

FRIDAY: Grill out
We'll throw a bunch of stuff on the grill and hopefully eat outside!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Currently #3

loving. sitting down on my couch and reading to my girls, I'm so happy they love books
smelling. freshly baked goodies in my oven. I don't know why but I love to bake in the summer even though my house is already roasting.
writing. documentation for new projects at work
reading. I just finished Torch, up next is The Likeness
watching. Californication on Netflix - we just started this series and are loving it so far.
craving. simple, healthy meals so I can spend more time with my family after work
obsessing. over the new(ish) Gap outlet by my house, I got some killer deals - 5 shirts & a pair of flip flops for less than $35!!
wishing. new refrigerators weren't so expensive - we could use an upgrade
needing. to start buying school supplies- geez already?
wanting. to go watch a movie at the drive-in
trying. to get more exercise 
eating. strawberry shortcake - fresh strawberries are my jam - no pun intended ;)
drinking. all the iced drinks
feeling. happy
hoping. summer slows down a bit, I can't believe it's July already?!
clicking. through deals and places to stay around Niagara Falls - we really want to go over Labor Day so I've got to find us a killer deal! Recommendations?

Monday, July 6, 2015

Meal Plan Week #27

I'm keeping things nice and simple this week. After the holiday weekend and stuffing everything in sight into my face, I need an easy week and fairly light (and more healthy!) dinner options. 

MONDAY: Make Your Own Salad
All the fixin's to create your favorite salad


WEDNESDAY: Mozzarella and Spinach Ravioli
I got some frozen pasta and sauce from a campaign I was trying out so we'll give it a try for dinner tonight.

THURSDAY: Wraps & Fruit Salad
Deli meat wraps with a yummy fruit salad

FRIDAY: Dinner Out
Time for a break from the kitchen - we'll eat out!

Anything new and exciting for dinner this week at your house?

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July: I will try

With so much going on for June I completely skipped over putting something in place that I wanted to try for the month. Well it's time to get back into the swing of things!
We've lived in our current house for about 5 years and in that time I haven't really touched our "front room". It's kind of the catch-all of the house. The girls do crafts in here, the rarely used desktop computer is here, the filing cabinet with stacks of papers are here, the kids TV with DVD player is here, we store some of our games in here. There's a lot going on. I know there is no way I'm going to get this room completed during the month, but I'm hoping to at least get 1 coat of paint on the walls with the new wall sticker I just got. I've been gathering my ideas for decorations here.
1 // 2 // 3 // 4

Other than that I plan to try and schedule some family fun activities for us this month. I think we'll try to make it to the drive-in to see a movie (assuming it ever stops raining in the state of Indiana).

Do you have any goals or things you want to try for the month of July? I'd love to hear!