Friday, October 26, 2012

Thirteen before 2013

Last year I participated in Twelve before 2012. I did about half the things on my list -- granted some of them were pretty ambitious. Here's my list for 2013 ... wish me luck!
  1. Finish reading all the books on my Fall Book List I was on on the waiting list FOREVER for the Sophia Kinsella book at the library.
  2. Create a Winter Book List See it here
  3. Make aprons for the little girls in the family for Christmas These are so cute, I can't wait for pictures with them all together matching
  4. Aside from the aprons make at least 2 other handmade gifts I made a mug rug for DH's aunt and yarn wreath for my step-mom.
  5. Refinance our current home I'm so happy this is done! 
  6. Get a massage or spa treatment of some sort 11/18 went to Woodhouse for the espresso mud body scrub
  7. Go on a date with the hubby (hey with two kids we don't get out much!) DONE! 10/27
  8. Finish potty training little miss J - boy is she stubborn YEAH! I might be happiest about accomplishing this one. Adios diapers!
  9. Bake Christmas cookies with my girls 20 some varieties later and we did it! 12/15
  10. Spend a couple hours scrapbooking (I'm sooo far behind!!) I did spend some time but I'm still really far behind.
  11. Commit to a healthier lifestyle (my snacking is out of control and my cholesterol hates me for it) This is a constant struggle for me but I feel like I've made some progress
  12. Do something unexpected for a stranger It was for a stranger but not unexpected. I also paid for the person behind me at the Starbucks drive-thru (12/18)
  13. Complete at least one project on my Pinterest boards I made homemade refried beans
What do you want to do before 2013?

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