Friday, November 30, 2012

Give Back

It's stories like this that make me remember how good I have it. I have a job, I have a happy and healthy family and we have a home to live in. We are very fortunate. We should do something for those who are not as lucky as we are. No, I'm not rich and I can't give away hundred dollar bills like Secret Santa does, but I can donate things we can live without to someone who has nothing. 
This past week there was an apartment fire in my city and many people lost everything. We got lucky with our fire, everything could easily be replaced and nobody was hurt. My mom knows of one family who wasn't so lucky. They are staying in a hotel with 3 kids and have nothing. Not a single item they can call their own. This weekend we will be giving this family who we've never met our extra couch and a shelving unit we don't really use. It's not much but we can live without it. Somehow this just doesn't seem like enough. 
I feel like our family should do more. Like society should do more to help people out. Everyone gets wrapped up in the "what's in it for me?" part of life and they forget to look at what they do have and be grateful. 
What can you do to give back? How are you and your family making a difference?

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