Monday, October 15, 2012

Chocolate ... yes again!

Yes I'm posting about chocolate again! As a self proclaimed chocolate addict connoisseur I couldn't turn down a chance to try the new chocolate sauce from Ghirardelli. (Bonus! It's only $5.95!!)

Chocolate Flavored Sauce Squeeze Bottle
They were nice enough to send a few recipes along with the sauce for me to try out. However, I've decided this is "eat out of the pantry week" (more on that later) so I made up my recipe. I had some strawberries that were about to go bad so I whipped up a quick dessert last night with them and my yummy chocolate sauce. 

Yep this is how basic it gets ... strawberries, Cool Whip and the chocolate sauce. Of course I didn't think ahead and take the Cool Whip out of the freezer so it was more like ice cream which was ok with me! My DH even wanted to get in on the dessert action asking if I was going to save any for him. I was nice and shared -- this time. The chocolate was thick and had a nice squeeze bottle. I will for sure be using this in my future impromptu desserts. Be sure to check out all the yumminess that Ghirardelli has to offer.

*I was not paid for my review. I was provided a free bottle of chocolate sauce as part of the Ghirardelli affiliate program. As usual, links contained within this post will support this blog. All opinions are my own. So seriously, go get some good chocolate.

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