Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halloween Snacking

I love Halloween. It's my all-time favorite holiday. I would give up Christmas to have another Halloween (yes I just said that). This week A is the "sunshine friend" at school. So all the kids get to know more about her and she can have a special guest come in to do something with the class. I'm going in to read some stories and wanted to bring a special Halloween treat. The thing I dislike about Halloween is all the candy, there are so many other better options to give kids and they will be just as happy. I've seen these fruit cups popping up on Pinterest and knew they would be perfect!
So I made my own version (sans-nose because well I forgot about the nose until I saw this picture again). They were super easy and fairly inexpensive. I used peaches because the store didn't have enough oranges. I got a 4 pack for $1.88, so for all the kids in the class it cost me under $12 (not bad for 24 snacks). Take a permanent marker and color a face on the top.
I'd call these a Pinterest success -- even though I don't think these could fail with how easy they are! Best of all, it doesn't matter how perfect all the faces are because the kids won't care. Happy Halloween snacking.

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