Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Crock Pot Love

I am professing my love of the crock pot (side note: is there a difference between a crock pot and slow cooker? just wondering) -- I'm away from the house for about 11 hours every day for work so that leaves very little time for cooking dinner (and let's face it, DH has very minimal cooking skills). The crock pot has become my best friend. I tend to search Pinterest for new recipes. Here's some that I've pinned lately.
How to cook dry beans in your slow cooker
10 fall and winter soups in your crock pot
Crock pot pizza pasta
Crock pot garlic pesto chicken with tomato cream sauce
Now which one should I throw into the crock pot first?

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  1. oooh that garlic pesto chicken with tomato cream sauce looks good! you should do that one, then let us know how it goes. Man, this post made me hungry!


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