Monday, August 22, 2016

Meal Plan #34

I spent the weekend stocking up the freezer with ready-to-go breakfast items. For the first time ... well, ever the kids are eating breakfast at home 7 days a week. They've always eaten at daycare Monday through Friday so I never had to buy a ton of breakfast foods or even think what to make for breakfast. I was the only one who ate breakfast a home (the husband doesn't eat before he goes to work). 

So keep things from getting too boring around here I'm filling up the freezer with all sorts of goodies. We have a big supply of waffles, pancakes, french toast sticks and breakfast burritos. 

Two weeks ago A was cleared of her egg allergy so she's excited to try eggs in her breakfast rotation. Take the freezer foods along with the standard cereal and toast options and we've got quite the selection for breakfast at our house now! If you have any suggestions of what else I can stock my freezer with for breakfasts, please let me know in the comments!

Here is what's for dinner this week ...

MONDAY: Salad & Potato Bar
All the fixin's to create your favorite salad and baked potato. 

Tacos on Taco Tuesday ... imagine that!

WEDNESDAY: One Pot Pasta
Another one pot meal - these are my favorite meals to make (next to crock pot meals of course!)

This is a freezer meal I have leftover, goes in the crock pot - EASY! This will be our meat free meal this week.

FRIDAY: Kebabs on the Grill
I may try these Fajita Chicken Kebabs - if I decide to make it quick and easy we'll just do traditional BBQ with onion and peppers.

Have a delicious week!

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