Friday, August 26, 2016

5 on Friday

I can't seem to manage any more than 2 posts a week lately. Things are just crazy busy and I don't feel as though I can put a complete thought into a blog post to show the world. For that reason, I am combining my "shit I'm turning 30" post and my "5 on Friday" post into one and giving you the 5 thoughts I have on having my birthday next week.

1. It's been nice the past 2 years to make fun of my husband for being older than me and in his 30s. I call him old, I feel good because I'm still in my 20s. Tuesday that all ends. I'm sure he is waiting to retaliate.

2. I feel like something happens when you hit 30. You have to become more responsible. I mean yeah, I have a house, kids, a dog, a job and all that. But somehow something magical happens at 30 and I'll become even more lame than I already am.

3. In some ways I still feel young. All the neighbors we have met and become friends with since moving are all 10-14 years older than me. But we all have kids the same age and are honestly in the same place in our lives. So I feel awkward bringing up my birthday when they are worried about celebrating 40.

4. Overall I work with a young group of people. Hitting 30 means I'm officially part of the "old" crowd at work. I can't keep up with these youngin's (pretty sure that's something only the older people say. Shit it's happening in already).

5. I'd be fine with turning 30 if it meant things could stay the same. But for some reason my hair up and decided to start turning grey because the big 3-0 was looming. #hellohairdye

I'm glad I'm in good company with others born in the classic year of 1986. For fun I pulled 5 things that happened in 1986 ...
  • Top Gun was the biggest box office hit
  • The Oprah Winfrey Show, ALF and PeeWee's Playhouse all debuted on TV
  • Halley's Comet made an appearance
  • "Rock Me Amadeus" by Falco was the #1 single
  • Bears beat the Patriots in the Superbowl

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  1. Don't worry we will still love you even if you are old!


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