Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Currently #11

loving. the time spent outdoors lately
smelling. cleaning supplies, gross I know but the house won't clean itself
writing. a post for next week on home buying tips
reading. I read Career of Evil over the past weekend, I recommend this series!
watching. the latest addition to TGIT, The Catch - I'm liking it!
craving. quiet
obsessing. over Spring clothes
wishing. my bank account didn't look so sad right now, buying a house is draining all my funds right now
needing. to organize all the garage sale stuff so we can sell a bunch of unneeded items
wanting. a date night sometime soon
trying. to remain positive
eating. all the Easter leftovers
drinking. flavored tea - iced of course!
feeling. excited for what the next few weeks will hold
hoping. that all the arguing my children do will make them good negotiators when they grow up
clicking. through all the websites looking for a new chandelier 

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  1. I love mysteries and Career of Evil sounds like a great series! Good luck with the garage sale!

    Doused In Pink


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