Monday, March 7, 2016

Meal Plan #10

The warmer weather planned for this week is making me crave the outdoors and fresh fruit. Hopefully that will make eating healthier much easier for the whole family. Let's jump right in ...

MONDAY: Baked Ravioli
I'm excited to try this recipe. It's gotten really good reviews. We'll use cheese ravioli to keep this meat free.

I make a big pan and then let everyone add their favorite toppings.

WEDNESDAY: Cheesy Chicken & Rice
This is one of my favorite crock pot meals. I make it easier by buying a bag of the frozen rice that you can steam right inside the bag and then adding that when you put in the cheese and corn.

THURSDAY: Burgers & Hot Dogs
The warm weather means we are breaking out the grill again! I can't wait :)

FRIDAY: Take Out
This past weekend we had a reception for my cousin and his new wife and they served a local BBQ favorite. J fell in love with some of their chicken so we'll order their food to-go tonight.

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  1. I love baked ravioli, my kids always eat it so well and its easy! I need to figure out our meal plan for next week... the husband will be out of town and the kiddos are on spring break, so it will be a tough one!



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