Friday, March 11, 2016

5 on Friday

1. Today was the end of our Biggest Loser competition at work. Let's just say I didn't win. I did lose a few pounds which doesn't make me sad. Looking forward to keeping up some of my healthier habits with #700by7.

2. I have the itch to go on an adventure. I want to pick a random place on the map and just go for the weekend. No plans, just go. Any recommendations in IL, IN, MI, OH or KY to visit? We've already done Chicago, most places in Indiana and Mammoth Cave, KY.

3. I've only had maybe 2 Diet Cokes since the first of the year and they are calling my name very loudly lately. The caffeinated, fizzy goodness of a fountain Diet Coke with pebble ice is in my dreams. It's tough to stay strong. And the new #itsmine bottles are too cute!

4. This warm weather so early in the year is amazing. I wish I couldn't say a single bad thing about it, but my allergies are starting to get out of control. I wasn't expecting to have to start my meds so early in the year. But I will suffer with itchy eyes and a runny nose because it will be 60* on a regular basis for at least 2 weeks!

5. March Madness is in full force in my office. In my area the t.v is right by my desk so yesterday I had a little party going on while everyone gathered around to watch the end of the Michigan game. I have absolutely zero interest in basketball. I'm just excited that we will probably just stop working at noon today and bust the out the beer and margarita machine so everyone else can watch the IU v Michigan game. 

Happy Friday everyone!

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