Monday, March 14, 2016

Meal Plan #11

I did a bit of adulting this weekend ... replacing burnt out light bulbs all throughout the house, buying ceiling paint to do some touch ups and making a to-do list and successfully checking things off it. Now if I can only find something to do with all the frozen overripe bananas in my freezer, I will feel accomplished. I'm taking suggestions :)

This week's meal plan was made up after my desire to eat more fresh produce this week. The lovely folks over at Kroger sent me a ton of produce coupons so I feel like it's my duty to use them up!

MONDAY: Salad & Potato Bar
Tons of toppings so everyone can make a salad & potato to their liking. This is our meat free meal for the week.

TUESDAY: Baked Stuffed Tacos
If you haven't had a baked taco, you are seriously missing out!

WEDNESDAY: Beef Stroganoff with steamed veggies
This slow cooker recipe looks super easy and delicious! And I have a coupon for a container of precut veggies that will be perfect for steaming.

THURSDAY: Kebabs on the Grill
We'll roast up some chicken, peppers and onions on the grill with a yummy marinade.

FRIDAY: On the Go
I think we are going to Indy this weekend to stay with family so we will either eat on the road or once we get down there.

Bonus! I am making a batch of Skinny Chocolate Muffins for breakfasts and kids snacks this week. Yum!
Have a great week and happy eating!

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