Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Currently #10

loving. the weekends that aren't too crazy
smelling. cookies ... getting ready for J's birthday party with all sorts of cookies!
writing. more blog posts
reading. Outliers - I'm on a roll with my reading this year
watching. all the TGIT shows - love me some Grey's, Scandal and HTGAWM
craving. calm and organization
obsessing. over the pretty flowers at the grocery
wishing. our taxes weren't so complicated to figure out, grrr...
needing. a free housekeeper, I hate cleaning when I could be doing something fun!
wanting. to try some new baking recipes - my muffin/cupcake tin is calling my name!
trying. to decide what to spend my $50 Amazon gift card on - I'm thinking a new Kindle!
eating. all the Girl Scout cookies, I'm sure that's good for my diet ;)
drinking. Steaz Iced Green Tea. The half tea & half lemonade is my fave! Find it at Costco
feeling. cold, where is spring?!
hoping. to squeeze a mani/pedi into my schedule soon
clicking. on new blogs to read, suggestions?


  1. Seriously- the girl scout cookies haha, such a dangerous time of year! ;) I need to schedule at least a pedi in soon- my feet need some TLC right now. is a favorite blog of mine to read- she's a newer mom and a runner if you're interested :)

  2. Since we don't have cable, I miss the newest episodes of TGIT shows. But I enjoy binge watching them once they arrive to Netflix! We are just submitting our Girl Scout cookie sheets, so luckily, I have some time before they arrive.

  3. I'm definitely in a reading rut this year! And it is so unlike me! We need to get our taxes done, too! Ugh! Happy Hump Day!

  4. I love all the pretty flowers at the store! I buy new ones every week because they just really make me happy! I am obsessed with green tea! I make my own frozen green tea lemonade at home almost every is soo good :) Have a great rest of the week!

  5. Oh I've been meaning to read Outliers, I want to read more nonfiction! Grey's is one of my favorite shows! I am watching the shows weekly AND binge watching it from the beginning.

  6. I LIVE for my Thursday night shows! Scandal and HTGAWM are my jam, but I actually missed this past week so I'm going to watch them tonight!

    Thanks for linking up!


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