Monday, February 22, 2016

Meal Plan #8

Somehow this week's meal plan came together rather quickly. I saw a few new recipes that looked too good to pass up and everyone pitched in a few ideas. Some weeks I feel like I spend over an hour on the meal plan and nobody has any suggestions. It's nice to make up my grocery list quickly and everyone seems rather excited for the week ahead.
I'm hoping for a better week of eating for me, as I gained weight last week. Which doesn't work out so well for my competition at work. I'll be adding a side salad to each of my meals this week to help up my veggie intake. Wish me luck!

MONDAY: Meatloaf & Broccoli
I made the meatloaf on Sunday while doing some housework so all I need to do is cook the broccoli and reheat the meatloaf. Easy!

TUESDAY: Black Bean Quesadillas
I stumbled upon a new (to me) blog Budget Bytes and these quesadillas looked too good to pass up. Bonus: they are meat free!

WEDNESDAY: Daddy's Choice
I have an event at work until 6 so it's up to the husband to feed everyone dinner and take A to swim lessons.

THURSDAY: Greek Chicken Pitas
I wanted something easy but a shake up from a normal sandwich. Hopefully the kids find these pitas fun and delicious.

FRIDAY: Brinner
What's better than breakfast for dinner. The girls requested this one :)

Any exciting ideas I should add to next week's meal plan? I'm on the lookout for kid-friendly meat free meals.

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