Friday, February 5, 2016

Currently #9

loving. that I have a massage, facial and manicure scheduled for next week
smelling. crock pot meals - I love coming home to dinner that is ready to go
writing. some blog posts here and there
reading. nothing. looking for my next book to read, any suggestions?
watching. old episodes of Hawaii 5-0 on Netflix - yes I'm lame.
craving. chocolate, why is it always chocolate?
obsessing. over Spring clothes - I can't wait to go shopping!
wishing. for warmer weather
needing. to deep clean my house - things are a hot mess from me being sick
wanting. to do some crafting, I haven't sewn in months
trying. to lose some weight - I entered the Biggest Loser competition at work, wish me luck!
eating. lots of veggies - it's a struggle to get excited about veggies
drinking. water and iced coffee - at least one of them is good for me
feeling. better but still not 100% me yet
hoping. this cough will go away soon
clicking. on all the blog posts - I love all the creativity out there

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