Tuesday, August 4, 2015

August: I will try

Where in the world is this summer going? The weather has completely sucked in Indiana so I feel like we didn't even get a summer at all. And my kids start school on the 12th - what! Not cool summer time, not cool at all.

Last month my focus was on getting the front room of our house painted. Well I successfully bought paint (on sale) and turned in my rebate (that's like a double sale). And then the paint sat in the room for a solid 3.5 weeks. Whoops.

Second goal was to plan a family fun activity like going to the drive-in. Well with all the rain,the movies never happened. This was a rousing success on trying things this month! Not ...
Here's what I'll be trying for August:
  • After school organization: Both girls will start school in about a week. That means once I get home there is dinner to be made, homework to handle, papers to be gone through and the normal household things that need to get done. I'd like to get a plan in place to handle all this without going crazy! Any and all tips are welcome!!
  • Get back to running: I have the opportunity to run in the largest race in our area (4 mile, 10k or half are all offered) for free. I'm nervous to even sign up because I have really slacked on the running this year. The race is mid-September and I've run it the past 4 years so I sort of feel like I have to. If I can get back into running more regularly I'll register for the 4 mile as I know I couldn't pull off the 10k again without more practice.

Do you have any goals or plans for August?

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  1. Wow the 12th is so early to go back to school! Enjoy your last few days of summer!


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