Monday, August 10, 2015

Meal Plan Week #32

It's the start of the new school year this week. So our evenings are about to get a lot more crazy! Meal planning will be key to putting together a new weeknight schedule.

MONDAY: Fancy Spaghetti
It's back to school night! This will be a quick and easy dinner so we can take the girls to go meet their teachers and J can find her way around the school. We'll be trying out pasta and sauce from HemisFare.*

TUESDAY: Baked Stuffed Tacos
We haven't had these in awhile and they are super easy and delicious! Best of all, because the beans hold together the shells when they break the kids don't get frustrated.

WEDNESDAY: Chicken and Broccoli Grilled Burritos
These look really easy and pretty healthy! And a good way to get your kids to eat veggies - not that mine have a problem with broccoli (it's one of their faves!).

THURSDAY: Grilled Chicken & Corn on the Cob
Corn on the cob was on crazy low special for $0.10 an ear over the weekend so I picked up a ton! I blanched and froze most of it for future use. This way we can still enjoy corn on the cob when it's out of season.

FRIDAY: Homemade Pizza
I might even through this pizza on the grill to cook. I love pizza on the grill!

*HemisFare pasta and sauce received for free by being a BzzAgent. To learn more about being a BzzAgent visit their website.

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  1. I have never made pizza on the grill, but it sounds so good right now!



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