Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Pin-spired #2: Casual with a Twist

I realize that I'm going out of order and this was the 3rd look I showed in my original post. But I was too excited to try it out!
I bought a black blazer before I got my current job so that I could wear it to my interview. Well I got the job, but then I never really wore my blazer again. One of the girls I work with always looks super cute in her blazers, so I was determined to find a way to make mine work for me. When I saw this outfit I knew that it would be perfect for a Friday outfit at work.
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I had a morning meeting with a customer so I needed to look professional, but it was still Friday so I had to be fun. This outfit totally fit what I needed! And best of all, I had pretty much every piece of this outfit already in my closet I just never paired them together before. Here's my look ...
Top: Gap     Blazer: Kohl's    Pants: Lauren Conrad from Kohl's    Shoes: Five Below ($5)
I don't own any Converse shoes but I thought my $5 Toms knock-offs would do the trick. I thought the darker jeans would make this slightly more professional for the office especially since I had a customer meeting. I love how simple this outfit was, but yet it was completely different than I normally would've worn. I think white shoes or a white graphic tee would've made this outfit really pop, but hey you gotta work with what you got! Here's the side-by-side comparison.

So what do you think? Did I pull off this look? How do you like to wear a blazer?

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  1. I think you pulled this look off perfectly! Love the blazer over the statement tee! I usually wear my blazers over a tank or cami, but probably just because I don't have any statement tees! (And P.S. From your comment on my blog....YES, you definitely need some white pants/shorts or a skirt!)
    Gina ||

  2. This looks awesome! And this is an outfit you could totally wear heels with jeans with! ;-) I love your tee too!

  3. I love printed tees and that Saturday Sunday one is perfect!!!


  4. Super cute!
    I need some graphic tees in my wardrobe and I love the way yours looks with your blazer!


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