Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July: I will try

With so much going on for June I completely skipped over putting something in place that I wanted to try for the month. Well it's time to get back into the swing of things!
We've lived in our current house for about 5 years and in that time I haven't really touched our "front room". It's kind of the catch-all of the house. The girls do crafts in here, the rarely used desktop computer is here, the filing cabinet with stacks of papers are here, the kids TV with DVD player is here, we store some of our games in here. There's a lot going on. I know there is no way I'm going to get this room completed during the month, but I'm hoping to at least get 1 coat of paint on the walls with the new wall sticker I just got. I've been gathering my ideas for decorations here.
1 // 2 // 3 // 4

Other than that I plan to try and schedule some family fun activities for us this month. I think we'll try to make it to the drive-in to see a movie (assuming it ever stops raining in the state of Indiana).

Do you have any goals or things you want to try for the month of July? I'd love to hear!

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