Thursday, August 20, 2015

Currently #4

loving.  my family - they are pretty awesome ;)
smelling. coffee - the smell is intoxicating.
writing. blog posts like crazy! I seem to have caught the blogging bug this month.
reading. getting ready to start The Rosie Project
watching. White Collar on Netfilx - I have no idea where this series came from, but I'm hooked!
craving. organization - I feel like things are all over the place, which they are.
obsessing. over my new glasses - who knew I would be so excited over something so silly?
wishing. I didn't keep putting off painting the front room, anyone want to have a painting party?
needing. peace and quiet - with school and housework and a job there's a lot happening right now.
wanting. a day at the spa - funny enough I have a gift card for such a thing but I have yet to schedule the day.
trying. Ipsy for the first time - I'm so excited with what I got!
eating. tomatoes from my garden! 
drinking. blonde beer - it's my fave.
feeling. busy
hoping.  for a fun birthday weekend at the end of the month
clicking. on all the Instagram photos - it's such a nice break in my day

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