Monday, December 2, 2013

30x30: Days 25-30

I made it to the end! Now I owe an explanation on one day, and trust me you'll forgive me for not taking a photo because you will be too busy laughing at why there is no photo. So without further ado ... the remaining photos!

Day 25: White tank top, black cardigan, floral scarf and beige trousers
Day 26: Now let me explain. I wore my grey & pink striped shirt with grey scarf to work. After my meeting which was right before lunchtime I walk into the bathroom to find a large wet spot on my shirt that looks like I might have been lactating for the last 3 hours. And let's just put out there that I'm definitely not! Come to find out my "Very Sexy" bra from Victoria's Secret has a gel/oil filled 'push up' section and it burst in the middle of my meeting. So I was covered in this oily slime from my exploded bra. Embarrassed doesn't even begin to cover my feelings. So there you go ... no photo for today but hopefully you have a smile on your face now :)
Day 27: Red striped shirt with dark wash bootcut jeans
Day 28: Heart sweater and light wash skinny jeans
Day 29: Grey t-shirt with cargo pants
Day 30: Teal 1/4 sleeve shirt with floral scarf and light wash skinny jeans

And here it is all together. 30 days with 30 pieces (minus 2 days because well you can read about those above and here).


  1. Sorry....laughing so hard about the exploding bra. I can only imagine your horror!

  2. that story is terrible and funny but not. i love love love that heart sweater.

  3. Stopping by from Pleated Poppy - WIWW! Poor day 26! That's no fun at all!

    <3 Vicki


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