Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Deck the halls (& yourself!)

Decorate for Christmas

1. Creating ornaments with the kids -- this year we are making all our own decorations for the tree.
2. Pretty lights on the trees and the houses around the neighborhoods -- we love driving around looking at Christmas lights
3. Attempting to take family photos to spread the holiday cheer that hopefully don't turn awkward -- please note that's not my actual family :)
4. Don't forget to decorate yourself with awesome Christmas shirts -- I got mine here and absolutely LOVE it!

Maybe my kids have turned me into a Christmas softy but for some reason this year I'm liking Christmas more than years before. Maybe it's the way their faces light up when they talk about Santa or the way they squeal with excitement when we look at Christmas lights. Whatever it is I have softened to the idea of Christmas. So this year I will proudly wear my filthy animal t-shirt and sing Christmas songs with my kids. Christmas is beginning to mean a bit more to me thanks to those little girls.

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