Wednesday, November 20, 2013

30x30: Days 13-18

This month is flying by. As I've been busy with cleaning out our rental (side note: some people are just disgusting) I've been doing my best to keep up with the Fall 30x30 Challenge. 
Are you playing along or just following each week? It's been fun! So let's get right into the outfits.

Day 13: Heart sweater and beige trousers for work
Day 14: Grey and white striped shirt with grey sweater cardigan and grey trousers (I was feeling all the grey shades today)
Day 15: Brown tunic and mustard skinnies
Day 16: Red striped shirt and cargo pants
Day 17: Teal 1/4 sleeve top with dark bootcut jeans
Day 18: Pink & grey striped shirt, grey scarf and light wash skinny jeans

I love how comfy my day 15 outfit is and I found a new way to tie my scarf on day 18. Overall it was a good week. We are into the second half now so things are starting to get interesting because I'm running out of my "typical" outfits and really need to start mixing things up. 

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Be sure to check out the other ladies that are participating this month. They are rockin' it!



  1. All of your looks are so cute again this week! I agree about day 15, love that one! Those pants are super flattering on you!! And that heart sweater is adorable!!

    And, side note, but we have been cleaning up a rental mess, too... #gross

  2. Day 15 is my favorite, I am really into any sort of mustardy color right now.

  3. I have that heart sweater! I love it! :) I have paired it with a denim button up underneath before! :)

  4. i love day 13 heart sweater!! so cute...yes the mixing after these first weeks weeks is the kicker hahaha you're doing great!!

  5. I am so impressed with the 30x30 fashion challenge! I LOVE dat 13 & 15!

    ps, thanks for linking up today, Allison!


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