Tuesday, November 26, 2013

30x30: Days 19-24 + $50 GIVEAWAY!

Heads up this post is long but sooo worth it! The 30x30 challenge is almost done. This has been rough, I desperately miss some of the other tops in my wardrobe. I only own a handful of pants so I'm not missing out there aside from maybe some yoga pants that I'd like to spend a day in :) Let's get right into my photos because there is an awesome giveaway happening! You won't want to miss out. But first the outfits ...

Day 19: Grey t-shirt with my plum bootcut pants (I was working from home otherwise I would've been a little more dressy for a Tuesday)
Day 20: Purple empire top with white tank and mustard skinny jeans
Day 21: Black & white 3/4 sleeve shirt with grey tweed-like pants and yellow infinity scarf
Day 22: Grey tank layered under a green cardi and dark bootcut jeans
Day 23: Navy top, grey cardigan and mustard skinny jeans
Day 24: Grey & white striped shirt with plum bootcut pants

My own personal challenge was styling my mustard skinny jeans. I've had them for a year and don't feel like I have anything to wear with them. So this week I kicked it up a notch and wore them two different ways along with the look for day 15. So 3 outfits isn't bad. Maybe I can even squeeze in one more before the month is done.

Check out the giveaway and see how the rest of the ladies are doing!

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  1. I am loving Day 20, I want those mustard skinnies!! I have some purple and gold in my 30 items and I have loved them together. I also love that chevron/arrow necklace in Day 22!

  2. Love day 22! the necklae and cardi are adorable

  3. i want mustard skinnies so bad. where did you find them? i guess if you've had them for a year that wouldn't help me at all.


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