Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 -- let's do this!

How did everyone's Thirteen by 2013 turn out?

Well I accomplished almost everything on my list which is much better than how my Twelve by 2012 list turned out. I plan on still working on the few items that didn't make it before the new year during this month. I'm not so good at setting up resolutions so I haven't decided to do that this year. I like the idea of picking a word for the year but I can't find one thing that I want to focus on for the whole year. Instead I have some goals to accomplish this year, call them resolutions if you will.

  • Finish my Thirteen by 2013 list
  • Find a job closer to home
  • Start a family budget

That's it. I'm not going crazy this year. If I accomplish these by summer then great, I can make up some more. Here's to a successful 2013 in all respects of my life.

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