Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Professional & Edgy?

I think the biggest struggle every lady out there has is ... her hair! Let's face it, curly haired girls want straight hair. Straight haired girls want curly hair. I almost never hear "I love my hair!", everyone wants something new, different, easier to style, etc.
My current dilemma is that I love to color my hair. The damage caused by coloring my hair actually makes it a little thicker and healthier looking. I know that sounds crazy, but let's get real. I have fine, stick straight hair. Layers, bangs or razor cuts are not happening. I don't have enough hair to pull off the look. And for complete honesty, the amount of grey coming through is saddening as I haven't even hit 30 yet. The last time I colored my hair I wasn't thrilled with the color, so maybe it's time to go to the salon. So here's where the dilemma is ... can I get a unique, edgy hair color and yet still be taken seriously at work?

I work directly with our customers and am responsible for getting them to hand over $30,000+ for a website design. So they need to know I've got their back, I know what I'm doing, that I'm going to take their money and they will be happy. Does a chick with blue hair give them that confidence they need?
I love all the dark brown with purple highlights I've been seeing. I think if I went subtle enough this would be acceptable.

But where do I draw the line? What pushes me over the edge of no longer being professional? We are a young crew with lots of creative types so I think I get away with a little more than if I worked at say a bank.
So what do you think? What color should I make my hair? Can I get away with something a little edgy while still being professional?


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