Monday, May 30, 2016

Meal Plan #22

Wow, what a weekend! The weather was amazing so we were able to do some fun stuff outdoors - including a trip to the zoo! Most of it was captured over on IG so make sure you are following me to see the latest. I'm looking forward to this short work week. Let's see what's for dinner ...

MONDAY: Grill Time!
Anything and everything is going on the grill plus a bunch of fresh fruit on the side. And this yummy looking Hawaiian macaroni salad!

TUESDAY: Ranch Chicken Tacos
We do chicken or pork pulled tacos every once in awhile, but these ranch ones sounded too good to pass up. Plus they cook in the slow cooker, so everything is practically ready when you walk in the door!

WEDNESDAY: Lasagna Roll-Ups
The last time I made these, I did a double batch so all I need to do is pull these out of the freezer and heat up. This will be our meat-free meal this week.

THURSDAY: Ham & Cheese Crescent Rolls
We'll make these with some veggies and dip on the side.

FRIDAY: Dinner Out!
Our house is closing this week so we'll celebrate with a dinner out. It feels nice to be a one mortgage family again :)

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