Friday, June 10, 2016

5 on Friday

This week's edition of 5 on Friday is focused on 5 things I'm loving right now!

1. Summer weather - it's going to be 92 this weekend and we are going to grill out and have a bonfire. I couldn't be more excited!

2. This blog post from Sarah. Girl is amazing for taking photos and posting for all to see. I relate to her "medium" mentality and don't want to miss out on this summer either.

3. The iced coffee with mocha swirl and cream from Dunkin Donuts. Traditionally I'm a Starbucks girl, but while picking up donuts a few weeks ago I stumbled upon the glory that is the mocha swirl. I might be in love. Sidenote: every time I order coffee I think of the episode of 2 Broke Girls where they work in a coffee shop and Max tries to repeat the orders "small cap, nipple slap, half half".

4. Sabra Roasted Pine Nut Hummus - just roll me around in it. I found a recipe to make my own so I'm excited to give that a try. 

5. Fridays! Staying up late, knowing if you make it to 5:00 (or maybe 4:00) you don't have to come back to the office for 2 full days, fun dinner plans, and all the laid back time that comes with a Friday afternoon after an extended lunch at work. 

Bonus! Come read all my unanswered questions, can you help me with the answers? I'm dying to know, please tell me you have the answers!

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