Monday, May 9, 2016

Meal Plan #19

What a weekend! Unpacking boxes, shopping for things to fill the additional 2 bathrooms we now have (we went from 1.5 to 3.5, you actually need a lot of stuff for a bathroom!), swapping out kitchen drawer pulls, painting the entryway, grilling out for Mother's Day, giving my SIL a hard time for turning 30 before me and overall enjoying the warm Spring weather. Phew! I need a nap to get this week started.
Let's talk food ...
MONDAY: Kids Choice
The kids have been begging to pick out dinner and help cook. I'm pretty sure they will pick mac & cheese :)

TUESDAY: Quesadillas
We love to do black beans and cheese - best of all it counts as our meat free meal and nobody is any wiser to my quest to get them to eat a little less meat each week

Yep a middle of the week, You're On Your Own - we are crazy over here with our dinner selections.

THURSDAY: Pizza Pockets
We will make these but fill them with things we love on our pizza instead of all the ingredients the recipe mentions

FRIDAY: Sandwiches and Fruit Salad

A is running the district wide mile run tonight. She's been training with the "Run Club" at school for about 5 weeks. So we'll keep tonight easy so we can make it to the race on time. It makes me smile to see her taking an interest in healthy activities. I hope I am being a good role model for both my girls in that aspect of their lives.

I do have to brag that the Taco Tuesday remix we had last week was amazing - go check it out! I may have to feature it in an upcoming post with my own recipe.

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