Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Currently #13

loving. our new house
smelling. not much #allergyprobs
writing. to-do lists
reading. nothing at the moment, I need my next read!
watching. all the movies - we just got HBO after only having local channels and Netflix for the past year and a half
craving. organization, we still have boxes everywhere
obsessing. over how to create new outfits from the clothes I already have
wishing. for a day off work where someone did all my work for me while I was gone - ha!
needing. to get my car washed
wanting. a date night
trying. to adjust to the fact that the girls will be out of school in 1 short week!
eating. all the guacamole - because duh!
drinking. Diet Coke - they are just lucky I don't put rum in it at work ... yet.
feeling. overwhelmed
hoping. to get some pictures hung on the walls at home
clicking. twice on all the pretty pictures on IG

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