Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Currently #12

loving. the hike we got to do last weekend
smelling. gorgeous flowers that are finally blooming
writing. more blog posts, but I can't get the ideas out fast enough!
reading. new blogs
watching. Season 7 of Royal Pains that just came out on Netflix
craving. calm and order
obsessing. over paint colors for the new house
wishing. packing boxes didn't suck so much, I know I have the unpacking to look forward too
needing. a day of non-adulting
wanting. a massage
trying. to find some new meat-free meals that the rest of the family will enjoy
eating. all the hummus with carrots and pretzel thins
drinking. super cold water, fill up the ice
feeling. excited at all the interest we've had on our house already - we put it on the market Tuesday morning around 10 and by 8:30 that evening we had 3 showings scheduled for Wednesday
hoping. this Spring weather sticks around - it's so perfect outside!
clicking. through all the cute jewelry options at Hey June

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