Friday, April 8, 2016

5 on Friday

1. For some reason Fridays make me super happy. Knowing that I will have 2 days to spend with my family without work interruptions keeps a smile on my face!

2. I'm planning a garage sale for next weekend. The amount of stuff we have to get rid of is mind-boggling. I don't think there is a room in the house I haven't gone through to collect items to sell. I hope we can make a few extra dollars to put towards the new house. Bring on the people and nicer shopping weather!

3. I haven't done much working out lately. I'm in desperate need of a run as a way to escape and be alone for a while. Thursday nights are my chill nights. I turn on TGIT for all my favorite Shonda shows (we're on a first name basis me and Shonda) and paint my nails. It's a nice mental break from all the craziness of the previous week.

4. I've been working on creating some new blog posts to get out of my meal plan and Friday posts rut. I was excited about this week's post on my home buying tips and I have one in the works for a fashion related post soon as a "what I wore". What other kinds of posts do you like to read? What titles always make you click to read more? I've got some more ideas brewing, I just need to type them out :)

5. Netflix is bringing back a bunch of old movies, I love introducing my kids to some of the classics I watched as a kid. The latest favorite is ET in our house.

Happy Friday!

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