Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April: I will try

For March I set a few goals or things I would "try" to do. Here's how it went:
  • I will try to watch my portions.
    • I think I've been doing pretty good here. There's always room for improvement though.
  • I will try one new workout each week.
    • I rode my bike, ran and did a barre DVD a couple of times. I didn't make it to working out each week as the weather turned nasty again and I lost my motivation. But I did do a variety of things which made it more fun for me.

  • I will try to plan a family fun night once a week.
    • Biggest success of the month! The first week was my choice so I chose the snacks and movie we would watch (Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day - you must watch!). The following week A chose to go to Zestos (a local ice cream place) for dinner. 

Then J chose to go to the movies to see the third Night at the Museum (another winner movie choice!). Lastly the husband decided he needed more than just a night so he picked to go out for breakfast at our favorite pancake joint and then dinner at our favorite Mexican place (my waistline doesn't thank him). I think everyone liked having a say in how we spent our Sundays.
Now here's what I'll be trying for the month of April:
  • I will try to workout more.
    • I feel like a broken record, but our cruise is in less than 2 months and I want to confidently go lay by the pool and play with my kids.
  • I will try to read 2 books.
    • The past couple of years I've set a yearly goal of how many books I wanted to read. Last year I read 39 books so I decided this year I'd shoot for 35 books. I'd like to knock at least 2 off my list in April. You can follow me on Goodreads to see what I'm reading and what I want to read next.
  • I will try to think positive.
    • I really believe in the power of positivity. Whenever my kids say "I can't do that!", I always tell them that they won't ever do it if they think that way. They need to think positively and then they have a chance of being able to do what they think they can't do. Well I think it's time for mama to take her own advice. Lots of positivity coming my way this month!

I always love to see what other people's goals are for the month. Nicole over at Treasure Tromp always makes a great goals list. So tell me, what do you want to do in April?

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  1. I just had a company contact me to try them out and I got to try several different gyms last month and it was so, so fun! It really is fun trying different work outs, because usually I just run and do a work out tape at home! Very plain jane! lol. I really like the idea of a family fun night, especially with the warmer temps we are getting now. I need to do that more instead of making the kids go straight home to do homework (such a mean mom, I know!) hah)


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