Thursday, April 16, 2015

Wear It 2 Ways

Even though I'm not shopping for new clothes, doesn't mean I couldn't make some new clothes :)
I saw this super cute skirt on the Make It & Love It blog for kids and of course they told how to make one for the mama too - yippy! Yoga + skirt = genius!

I didn't have super stretchy fabric that I was working with so I didn't take 2 inches off the waist measurement as instructed and I'm super happy with the results. 
This is now a double use piece! Because I made the waistband the recommended 4" folded I was able to flip this part up and have a super cute dress as well! I love versatile clothes.
Which way do you like it best? Skirt or dress?

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  1. I love when you can wear something two ways! I have done this before, but with a longer maxi dress!


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