Sunday, March 29, 2015

Meal Plan Week #13

It's almost impossible to get to our house right now. They are repaving the streets in our neighborhood so we currently can't get to our driveway. This means parking down the street and walking (with all your stuff) across people's yards to get to our house. It's a disaster. What does this have to do with our meal plan this week? Well I'm not carrying 10 bags of groceries half a block into our house so we are doing a "light" shopping trip this week and probably next until I can pull into the driveway again. What a pain! So my goal for the week is to use things we already have in the cabinets and pick up the essentials to get through the week.

MONDAY: Ham & Scalloped Potatoes
Best way not to have to buy groceries? Eat a freezer meal! This is one my MIL and I put together a few weeks ago. Just as a note, I didn't think the recipe would make enough for my family by dividing into 2 bags for 2 meals. I put everything in 1 gallon size bag and then we doubled the recipe so my MIL could have 1 gallon size bag as well.

We pretty much always have what we need on hand to make tacos :)

WEDNESDAY: Spaghetti
Who doesn't have the stuff on hand to make spaghetti? I'll just pick up what I need to throw together a salad for the side.

THURSDAY: Ginger Peach Chicken
Another freezer meal! I'm getting good at this no buying extra stuff :) I already have rice on hand to serve along with this freezer meal.

FRIDAY: Dinner out
Second best way not to have to buy groceries? Eat out!

What's for dinner this week at your house?

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  1. That ginger peach chicken looks SO good! That happened to me when I was on my 3 mo maternity leave with Autumn several years ago! I thought... of all the time for them to re-do the street, when I have a newborn in a pumpkin seat with a huge diaper bag... AND, it was so loud with them tearing up the street it was waking her up from her naps! I was NOT happy! lol!


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