Monday, April 27, 2015

Meal Plan Week #17

The weather will be warming up this week so I'm going to plan out some grilled meals for next week. I love to grill! I'm hoping to eat dinner outside at least one night this week. There's just something about eating outside that makes dinner go so much more smoothly.

We've got to pick the husband back up from the airport just before dinner tonight, so we'll probably swing by and pick up something on the way home.


WEDNESDAY: Brunswick Stew
This was one of the freezer meals I put together. Better eat it before it's too warm outside for stew :)

THURSDAY: Breakfast for Dinner

FRIDAY: Paninis & Corn on the cob
I was going to make one of these pasta salads, but then I saw corn on the cob on sale so we made a quick switch up :)
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  1. I am making one of my freezer meals this week, too and thanks for the reminder I need to start thawing it out NOW. lol!! I always forget. That stew looks good!!!

  2. I love eating from the freezer. I just made a few freezer cooking meals over the weekend with the chicken I found on sale. I think we have eaten all of our cooler weather meals out of the freezer but I'm going to check today to make sure I didn't miss any.

  3. Love freezer meals, but I am not familiar with Brunswick Stew.

  4. Looks like one lovely week of meals :)


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