Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 in one word

Last year I picked a word to live by in 2014 and that word was "live". I enjoyed having one simple goal or rule to follow all year so I've decided to do it again for this year. There's so many good options out there but this year I'm going with ...
You don't know if you don't like something or can't do something unless you try. So this year I'm going to try. 

Try being patient when I'm feeling overwhelmed
Try new foods
Try a trip with the family with no destination in mind
Try to stop drinking so much Diet Coke
Try to work out more
Try to be a better mom, wife and friend

I'm not going to accomplish and succeed at everything that I try but that's the point. I may find a new favorite workout or a new way to get my kids to clean up that doesn't involve yelling. I may find that I fail at giving up Diet Coke, but at least I tried and in the end that probably means I'll end up drinking less Diet Coke and more water which is always a good thing. 

So what will you try this year?


  1. Try is a great one! I've tried to break my diet coke habit again and again and it never happens ;) xx

  2. Try is a good one! I wish I could get my husband to give up diet soda!! I drink mostly water, but I do enjoy soda on the weekends sometimes!

  3. i love the word try. it feels much more realistic than setting all of these huge goals. you can celebrate your attempts which i think is awesome. thanks for linking up!


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