Wednesday, August 10, 2011

That's one blue dresser!

Here's my latest find! It's a bright blue dresser with bubblegum pink drawer pulls (gorgeous color choices, right?!). I spent $15 on this sturdy wooden dresser, the only things wrong with it are the color and one missing screw for one of the drawer tracks. I figured a new coat of paint, some new pulls and we will have a new craft storage area for A and J. They have tons of paper, markers, paints, play dough and more that is currently overflowing from the tiny rack that we are using now. The room it will live in is undecorated (aside from the tan and blue striped curtains), but I'm still undecided on what color I want to use -- any suggestions?

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  1. Oh wow this looks like one fun project! I'm not sure what color I would use but I'd suggest checking out the knobs at Hobby Lobby. I too maybe see little decoupage on the top? Good luck and have fun!


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