Thursday, July 9, 2015

Currently #3

loving. sitting down on my couch and reading to my girls, I'm so happy they love books
smelling. freshly baked goodies in my oven. I don't know why but I love to bake in the summer even though my house is already roasting.
writing. documentation for new projects at work
reading. I just finished Torch, up next is The Likeness
watching. Californication on Netflix - we just started this series and are loving it so far.
craving. simple, healthy meals so I can spend more time with my family after work
obsessing. over the new(ish) Gap outlet by my house, I got some killer deals - 5 shirts & a pair of flip flops for less than $35!!
wishing. new refrigerators weren't so expensive - we could use an upgrade
needing. to start buying school supplies- geez already?
wanting. to go watch a movie at the drive-in
trying. to get more exercise 
eating. strawberry shortcake - fresh strawberries are my jam - no pun intended ;)
drinking. all the iced drinks
feeling. happy
hoping. summer slows down a bit, I can't believe it's July already?!
clicking. through deals and places to stay around Niagara Falls - we really want to go over Labor Day so I've got to find us a killer deal! Recommendations?


  1. I found a great deal on hotels in Niagara Falls through Groupon! They usually come along with free wine tastings and chocolate tours. We had a great time when we went!

  2. GAP OUTLET is the BEST! I buy probably 1/4 of my clothes there and the one by me is in an outlet mall that is 45 minutes away... so jealous yours will be so close!



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