Monday, July 27, 2015

Meal Plan Week #30

First off, I'm shocked that I have stuck with meal planning as long as I have. This is week 30 of 2015 and we're still going strong! Meal planning has made my life so much easier and has made dinner time less of a struggle at our house. This week I really tried to tailor my meal plan to what we already have in the kitchen and what is on sale at the store.

MONDAY: Grilled Cheese Pizza Sandwiches
We have leftover pizza sauce and pepperoni from last week's homemade pizza so this meal is a perfect way to use those items up! I think I'll even throw some veggies on mine this time.


WEDNESDAY: Spaghetti with Green Beans and Garlic Bread
Green beans are on sale this week at the store and what goes better with them than spaghetti?

THURSDAY: Kebabs on the Grill with Peach Salsa
I was inspired by this recipe but it sounds way too complex for me. I always have chicken or pork on hand for making kebabs and peaches are on sale this week too. 

FRIDAY: Turkey Burgers on the Grill with grilled potato slices
I like to take red potatoes and slice them thin with some onions and olive oil, salt and pepper and put them in a foil packet on the grill. They can cook up right alongside our burgers. 

What's for dinner tonight at your house?

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  1. Oooh, I haven't tried kebabs on the grill... at least, I can't remember the last time. I bet that is something the kids would love, too! I could do some yummy sides like corn on the cob and watermelon.



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