Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Loving Lately

Things I'm loving lately ...
  • spring weather
  • wearing scarves for fashion not because it's freezing and I need one to survive
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  • trying new recipes {need ideas}
  • drinking more water
  • getting back to running
  • watching my girls play together
  • lazy days spent watching Netflix with the family

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  • spring colored nail polish - I want them all!
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  • planning what excursions to do on our cruise in a couple months - any suggestions for the Cayman Islands or Jamaica?
  • see my hard work pay off when it comes to my fitness/health - I'm down 3 lbs and I'm not giving up this time.
  • it's wine night on Friday with the ladies at work - yippy!
What am I missing out on? What are you loving?

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  1. I have gone on a couple of cruises and have been to both Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. I think in Jamaica we climbed Dunn's River Falls or whatever it is called. Just be sure to bring water shoes (not flip flops) for that, because your feet get wet and it can be really slippery. They also try to sell you stuff like crazy in Jamaica, it gets a little annoying after awhile, but I think if I went again I'd expect it. In the Cayman Islands we did a bus tour and got to drive all over and that was really neat, because of how the island is split and it is beautiful. We also saw a turtle park in the Cayman islands. Also the Seven Mile Beach is GORGEOUS. you won't believe how gorgeous it is until you see it.


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