Monday, February 11, 2013

Pinterest Inspired Outfit #4

I made it! Outfit number 4 which I wore on Saturday. On the left you have the inspiration outfit and on the right is my version. 
{See the pin}
I went with long sleeves because let's face it it's still winter here in Indiana. I was really pushing it with my flats -- it was about 35* when I wore this. I threw on a chunky necklace for a pop of color (ok so it was white but it was bright). My flats are actually purple even though it's hard to tell. I was happy with this look. I might have worn this before but would've done a much simpler necklace so I did step out of my comfort zone a little bit. 

I'm happy I pushed myself to do this challenge. It made me put together things I wouldn't have normally thought of and I didn't have to spend any money doing it!

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  1. Great outfit! Pinterest is awesome for ideas!
    Found you at "Pinterest Told Me To" pippa


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